Land at Perryfields Road

Bromsgrove, Worcestershire

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  • Project Start Date
  • Completion
  • Size of site
  • No. of dwellings
  • Current Projects
  • May 2020
  • On-Going
  • 1.73ha (4.27 acres)
  • c. 60 dwellings

The site forms part of the wider housing allocation, known as BROM2 (Perryfields Road), in the adopted Bromsgrove District Plan.  BROM2 is to contain approximately 1,300 dwellings, 5 hectares of local employment land (office and/or light industry), a local centre and community facilities.  

PDR Developments evaluation of its land interest within the wider housing allocation has identified a development comprising circa 60 dwellings within a site area of 4.27 acres (1.73 hectares).

PDR Developments will work with Bromsgrove District Council to deliver this part of the housing allocation.