Land at Broadmore Green

Rushwick, Worcester

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  • Size of site
  • No. of dwellings
  • Current Projects
  • May 2020
  • On-Going
  • 1.46 Ha/3.61 Acres
  • TBC

The village of Rushwick near Worcester has been identified as a strategic allocation in the South Worcestershire Development Plan Review Preferred Options for an expanded settlement under emerging Policy SWDPR 51.  This policy identifies the provision of 1,000 dwellings and 10 hectares of employment land to be delivered by the end of the Plan period (2041).

Land at Broadmore Green is located within the identified walking catchment for both the growth area centre and the proposed new railway station, and through its development for housing would clearly complement and contribute to the aims and objectives of emerging Policy SWDPR 51 – delivering 50 of the 1,000 dwellings and proportionately delivering 40% green infrastructure.

PDR Developments will work with Malvern Hills District Council to deliver this part of the identified strategic allocation.